Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When his lies are true...

The enemy is a liar. A thief. Out to kill, steal, and destroy. At times his voice rings loud the shouts of his hunger for our soul to turn to others, he whispers gently, softly, and seemingly sincerely the heart-piercing words of brokenness that remembers us vividly to our wretched sin. I am not worthy.  I am not worthy. I am not worthy. It echoes over and over and over, driving me into a pit of darkness...leaving me alone in my own destructive thoughts.

He is right. I am not.

 I am not worthy of love. I am not worthy of His blessings. I am not worthy of goodness. I am not worthy of His promises.  I am not worthy of joy. I have gotten myself into this mess and I deserve every horrible consequence that comes my way!

Sometimes his lies are lies.  But what do we do when the enemy's lies are true? It is his most cunning of ways. I know better. I am a Christian. I know all of the scriptures that tell me the gifts of His salvation and I have received them. But my life reflects a tower of stones being thrown at me continuously...stones that I, myself, have built there. I hand the enemy the ammunition that he uses against me and then I am left with not lies, but truths being spit in my face.

All that I know tells me to refuse his lies...but how do I refuse his truths?

I rebuttal in concurrence with him. He is right.  I AM NOT WORTHY!

But that is exactly what makes God's grace so incredible. He loves me...anyway. He desires to bless me...anyway. His goodness is not dependent on my own. His promises are for me despite my broken promises to Him. He gives joyful life to His children...His broken, unworthy children. And His love covers the multitude and magnitude of my sin and He has already paid my penalty for it.  I am not worthy.  Yet He gives. Openly. Without restraint. Wiping away my tears.  Washing away my sin and all its ugliness from my life.

Yes, we agree on something, Satan. I am not worthy.  But, on Calvary's Cross, He told me,
I was worth it.

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