Saturday, January 21, 2012

In love

I put on one of my favorite tee shirts today.  It is peach.  Yeah.  Peach.  I like it.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  (pun intended)   The tee shirt reads:  BIBLE  Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.  Now though I love my tee shirt, I felt a bit different about it today.

As I read in His Word, John 14:9 made my heart ache.

Jesus answered, "Have I been with you so long and you still don't know me, Philip?"
I was so convicted by it.  How long have I walked with Him and failed to know His faithfulness? Not just to say it...but KNOW IT.   To know it so well that I trust it even when the earth is shaking me to fall?  To know it so deeply that all I want is to know Him more?  To know it so intimately that I cannot be moved? That I don't waiver? That I don't neglect obedience?

Yes, The Bible is our basic instruction  for life.  But it is so much more than that.  It is our love letter from God about Jesus our Savior!  It is the way we can KNOW Him!  Let us not read it like words on a page...just an instruction manual that we go to when things are broken...but as a personal conversation from our Father to His children.  Let's not let Him sit on a shelf screaming with anguish, "I am here with you but you don't know me!"  

As we fear, doubt, worry, get too busy for Him, let those words echo in our hearts. Let us crave know Him...not just claim to walk along with Him. But to really know lean our every HOPE, our every circumstance, our every breath on Him because we KNOW Him and His love and His Faithfulness... 

Let us Fall more IN LOVE with our Savior!  He is completely IN LOVE with us!

Have you been neglecting to spend time deepening your relationship to know Him more?

Pick up His love letter to you.  Open your heart to pour everything out that He may come in.  Encounter His presence. 

Have you been living in fear and doubt, worrying as you listen to the lies Satan echoes around you?

Know Him.  Know His promises.  Know His deep adoration for you. 

God draw us ever closer to You as we crave YOU for our very being. AMEN!!!

Imprinting...Follow the leader

"...and immediately they received their sight and followed Him."
Matthew 20:34

I have learned of a fabulous lesson of God's design in nature.  It is called imprinting.  When a baby gosling hatches from its egg, the first thing it sees, it will mimic. The first thing it encounters it will immediately follow as its teacher of life.  

As the two blind men received their sight from Jesus on the road to Jericho that day, I love what it says about them.  Immediately, their eyes were opened and immediately they followed Him.  Just like baby geese, they followed their first encounter with light out of darkness...the very One that gave them the vision. 

When God opens our eyes as new Christians or even to a vision for the calling for which He is preparing us , there is much that can distract us from following Him. Let us seek after imprinting the very face of Christ as our own teacher of life.  Let us seek to follow Him, mimicking His every way.  

Have your eyes been opened to the light of Christ?  He is the way, the truth, the life.  Follow Him to the Father. 

Has He given you a vision?  Seek to know Him and live worthy of this calling as you walk toward the light of this revelation.

What if you are the first person someone else may see as their eyes are opened to God's grace through Christ Jesus?  Live as an ambassador for Him...and live unafraid for them to imprint you as you imprint Him. 

Jesus, Thank You that You are the light in our darkness.  Thank You that You heal our blindness and because of Your compassion, Your death on the cross IMMEDIATELY offered salvation from our sins.  As You open our eyes to Your way for us, let us draw our focus only to You, Imprinting Your very nature into that of our own. And let us shine a light for others that they, too, may be lead to follow You. Amen.

He opened my eyes...

It has been awhile friends.  I have come to write often, but turned back in the silence.  The dreadful silence where wrestling thoughts of unworthiness overtake that which finds our passionate expressions of Him...Our worship.

Satan is a liar and a thief.

I found myself blinded. Blinded in the pits of depression.  Blinded by the enemy's whispers of fear, doubt, shame. Blinded in darkness...but today I have realized that the only darkness He allows to overtake those who belong to HIM is the shadow of the Father's hand as He hides us.

I must share His Word for me through a vessel I've grown to deeply love.
Two men sat beside the road to Jericho...blinded. When they heard that Jesus was coming, they began to cry out to Him, "Son of David, have mercy on us." The crowds reproved them and tried to quiet them, but they cried out all the more. And Jesus stopped and called to them, and asked, "What do you want Me to do for you?"  They answered Him, "Lord, we want our eyes to be opened!"  
Matthew 20:34 And Jesus in pity, touched their eyes and instantly they received their sight and followed Him.
As I read this story, His words poured into my soul.  These two men were me.  Blinded. And as I have cried out to the Lord these past few months, the voices of the crowd have tried to drown that of my desperate plea to Him.  Yelling at me, "Be quiet!" "You are not worthy!" "You don't deserve Him."  And I was allowing them to keep me silent.

God speaks.  Cry out all the more my child!  I will hear your HOPE!

Jesus knew those men were there.  He knew their need even before they spoke it.  Yet still He asked, "What is it you want me to do for you?"  It was a personal encounter with Him that He desired for them. Just as He does for us.  A desperate plea to seek Him. To talk to Him.  To be in His presence. To bring our petitions before His throne.

The crowd is right.  We don't deserve Him.  We are not worthy. Yet still He asks us, "What do you want me to do for you?"

Jesus had compassion on them.  He felt their hurt.  He knew their pain.  He held their brokenness in His hands. And He loved them. And IMMEDIATELY, their lives were opened. Their first sight was the radiant face of Christ.

And they followed Him.

Do you find yourselves in a place where you walk in blindness?  Cry out to Him.  

Have you allowed the voices of the crowd...the drown you out or keep you silent?  Cry out all the more. 

Does it seem as though He isn't doing anything when you know that He can?  

Perhaps He is desiring for you a  new, more personal and intimate encounter with Himself as He hides you in the shadow of  His hand...waiting. His timing is perfect.  Drawing us face to face with Him so that when our eyes are opened, the view is that of His beauty and radiance...casting everything else out but Himself. 

He left me with another question as I reflected on this story. How did the men hear that Jesus was coming?  You see there were the voices in the crowd telling them to be quiet, but there must have been before that also voices in that wilderness preparing the way for the Lord.  Someone had to be shouting of Jesus' coming.  Which voice will we be?

Lord, Jesus, Thank You that You hear our heartcries and that You have compassion on us despite our inadequacies. Thank You that, though we are but a speck of dust, You desire for us intimacy with You. Thank you that in Your time, IMMEDIATELY our lives are opened to that which You want us to see...the most beautiful and holy perfection of radiance. Let us be the voices in the wilderness, Lord, drawing others near to You, that they, too, may encounter Your beauty and grace.  AMEN.

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