Friday, June 10, 2011

Princess Dreams

Every girl dreams of a handsome prince to whisk her off of her feet and into the sunset on a beautiful white stallion.   We dream of castles far away and crowns with jewels so glamorous. Oh, the sweet innocent dreams of childhood.

As I sit rocking on my front porch this morning, I sip my coffee and breathe in the day...reflecting on the dreams come true.  I am so in love.  And he is so in love with me.  And I marinate in that. In Awe.  In Amazement.

My Father handpicked for me a man here on earth to whisk me off of my feet.  His crystal blue eyes put me in a trance and I find myself mesmerized by his love for me.  I melt in his arms and hold still to the passion that burns within his soul...the passion he has for Christ.    He leads me.  He leads our boys.  He leads us to Him...the real Prince of my dreams.


My Hero.

He gave His life to rescue me from the evil enemy.

He prepares for me mansions in the greatest of all Kingdoms.

He will one day ride in on His white horse to whisk me away.

He places on my head a crown of jewels more beautiful than any I can imagine.

And I am so in love. And He is so in love with me. And I marinate in that. In Awe.  In Amazement.

And I throw my crown down at His feet...for my Princess dreams are nothing in comparison to what He has for me, this daughter of the King,  prostrate at His throne.

Are waiting for your Princess dreams to come true?  Your Prince is so in love with you.  Come before His throne, today, and marinate in His love.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Play Ball!

I love to watch little ones play baseball.  You have some trying their very hardest to have their game faces on and "look" like the pros...Then you have some that stand in the infield just watching the airplanes drawing pictures in the sky as they pass the time away...And still some that aren't quite sure what to do and watch their coach's every movement, taking every word from his mouth as literal instruction to act upon this game that bleeds red, white, and blue in every American ...

I remember when the twins played their first year of tee-ball.  My man was coaching on first base and one of the young players came running by him, totally missing first base, heading right on to second...smiling so big, he couldn't stand himself.  Nathan shouted to the little boy with excitement (or disbelief, I'm not sure which:), "Come back, you have to touch the base, you have to touch the base!!!"  So the precious little obedient thing turned right around, ran back, bent down, touched the base with his hand, and went about his merry way to second base.

We laughed so hard we cried.  But, what a lesson we learned from him.

In this game called life, we have a tough position to play.  We have to be ready with our game faces on.  We face an enemy that looks to intimidate the truth and steal the basis (bases:)) of all that lies in our eternal existence. We have to stay focused.  Keeping our eyes on the ball at all times...  Standing in left field watching the dandelions grow is sure to leave us sitting the bench the next inning.  And we have to watch our coach so well, that we are listening for every God-breathed word from His mouth and are ready to obey with immediate unwavering reaction to His command.

Which do you struggle with the most: readiness, staying focused, or obedience?

Get in the game!  Play Ball!

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