Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you build it...they will come

"Who built the ark?  
Noah, Noah!
Who built the ark?
Brother Noah built the ark!"

I can hear the song repeating in my head as I read the all-too familiar story.  Two-by-two, rain, rain, rain. A dove flies out, a rainbow flies over. Not to minimize God's Word at all, but this is my wanting-to-skip-over-it attitude as I read through Genesis.  How many times do I need to hear this one?  I can tell it back-to-front with my eyes closed.

Silly Girl!

Oh, how His mysteries are ever revealed through His Word and though it never changes, His revelation for me is fresh every morning!  

I came to a point in realizing the obvious...a light bulb went off...I had a "DUH" moment.  God spoke to me directly as I asked...

Just how did Noah get those animals to come to the ark?

I mean, for umpteen dozen years he's been pounding away at building this big wooden box that he, his family and the animals were supposedly going to live on while it rained... Didn't he wonder what in the world rain was?  I mean the man had never even seen rain!  And did it ever cross his mind just how he was going to get all of those animals in that boat and then make it float?

NO!  God gave Him a plain and simple command:  Build an ark.  He outlined every single detail of Noah's task in the dimensions of the ark.  But, God said nothing to Him about getting the animals on it.  And Noah just hammered away, day after day after ridiculing day and he never questioned...

That would've been the cracking point for me in my mental illness of "CONTROL"...I would've gone absolutely crazy wondering.  I can hear myself in Noah's shoes asking,"But God, what about the animals?"  Somewhere in my warped mind I hear the answer in a deep, mysterious voice, "If you build it, they will come..."

And when the day came, sure enough, so did the animals.  Noah accomplished what God had given him to do and as promised,  God did the rest.  They just came...parading onto the ark like it was all they knew to do.  

God Speaks:  "When I give you a job to do...all you need to know to do is to obey.  You be concerned only with obedience.  I'll take care of the details.  I'll worry about those things which you have no control over.  I will handle the how-to's and what-ifs...you just obey.  Don't worry about the ridicule or the unanswered questions, just do what I've asked you to do and do it well.  Give up control and obey!"

Is God giving you a task but withholding some of the surrounding details?    

Perhaps it is because they are unnecessary details.  Perhaps it is to protect you from senseless worrying over something that He has already planned out perfectly.  Perhaps it is because He just wants you to trust Him... All He desires from us is obedience...He'll take care of the rest. 

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