Saturday, October 30, 2010



My favorite flower is the dandelion...or so my children think. Every time they go outside, my little boys come running back to me with handfuls of the yellow sunshine flowers. I especially like the white ones. They love to bring them to me as they blow the fluffy seeds all over to dance across my cheeks and hair. We laugh and in my heart I savor the moment, for I know that one day my little boys will grow up and the dandelions will remain untouched in the yard wishing for the laughter of a child to blow them gently in the breeze. Yes, my favorite flower is the dandelion... or so my children think. And I will tell them no different, for it is not the tiny gift but the heart of the tiny giver that I have grown to love.

God loves the dandelions, too. He loves the excitement His children show when we bring our gifts with open arms, be them ever so small. See, we can take those dandelions and with a gentle breeze scatter the seeds to multiply them into millions of brand new flowers. He made them that way. God, also, can take the tiniest, most insignificant gift, given with sacrificial joy, and with His own gentle breeze, multiply His Kingdom! What gifts do you have that remain untouched, wishing for a gentle breeze to stir them into dancing? Small gifts in the hands of God, aren’t small gifts at all. For it is not the tiny gift but the heart of the tiny giver that God is known to love.


  1. Allison you are an amazing writer! I love this post. Dadilions are my fav too... at least the boys think so. We call the white ones wish flowers... Big hugs and Pi love to you! Check out my blog sometime.


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