Saturday, September 11, 2010

Amber Waves of Grain

Oh Beautiful, for Spacious Skies
For Amber Waves of Grain....
America America God Shed His Grace on Thee

The song resonates in my heart on this day as I remember 9 years ago the devastation our country went through, as I was trying so hard to come to grips with the overwhelming joy I had received notice of that day. It was a moment that changed my life more ways than one.  A very strange day for me...It was Sept 11, 2001 and I was nauseated beyond belief.  I was getting a haircut, a drastic one at that. Cut off about eight inches.  Not sure if that was the intent or if we were just all so dumbfounded the lady just kept on cutting.  The cell phones in the salon were ringing continuously and there was an unexplainable redness that had crept its way up my neck and face.  I was given the most beautiful amazing gift that day, 9/11/01...the gift of motherhood.  And then I was told that mothers everywhere were losing their sons and daughters to the attacks of the enemy on a God-founded country.  As we wept and grieved the attacks on the Twin Towers, God was forming in my womb...twins. God took me to my knees both for our country and for my boys that day...and I haven't come off of them in 9 years. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

New to this

Well, this is my first post to this new thing in my life called blogging...  When Nathan and I went drastic and signed onto a Facebook account, we vowed to use it as a way to reach others with the Word of God...  I pray this blogspot will also be a lingering shadow of God's grace in my life and the daily lessons He is teaching me as He draws me ever closer to Him.

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